The Milano Stile System

At Milano Stile we first and foremost house a consolidated network of architects, designers and technicians with whom we create furnishing solutions for private and public spaces.

We are able to achieve this and more by presenting our clients exclusive access to a comprehensive collection of carefully selected furniture brands in addition to Milano Stile's own furniture collection. With our factories and highly experienced artisans we are able to create bespoke furniture based on specific client request that cannot be found on the market.

The Milano Stile Network

We have nurtured strong exclusive partnerships and access to renowned furniture brands worldwide, ranging from the most iconic and traditional products to the very latest trends.

The accuracy and reliability of our logistic team allows us to efficiently ship worldwide.

Providing our clients with the assistance of an international 

multidisciplinary and dedicated team that follows the process from conception to delivery and assembly.

Ensuring the optimal result of the initial request.

The Milano Stile Guarantee

From indoor to outdoor furniture, from lighting to complements, from panelling to integrated wall systems all aspects of interior design that have been conceived, have been realised here at Milano Stile.

We adopt a fully integrated approach when it comes to client and customer relations. Our highly experienced architects and designers work to ensure that each project is unique and to the clients precise wishes and desires. Combining in a distinctive fashion the infinite possibilities offered by Milano Stile and its affiliate brands and organisations.

Milano Stile in Fashion

Decades of expertise in the architecture manufacturing and design sector of a wide range of products, finishes and solutions, has giving us a deep and comprehensive understanding of materials and their capabilities.

The knowledge, expertise and extensive resource in materials has led to a natural progression into luxury fashion products with the highest emphasis on material quality.

Image by Victor Garcia


Over a Decade of Experience


Active in Four Continents


More Than Twenty Dedicated Professionals


In Partnership with Twenty Global Brands and Counting

You can now submit project proposals regardless of the scope directly to us, we will be at your service from start to finish.

To find out more about the opportunities from which you can benefit.